Policy and Climate Change

Policy and Climate Change

Photo credit: © Rahimatsah Amat / WWF-Malaysia

Photo credit: © Mazidi Ghani / WWF-Malaysia

Programme Overview

The Policy and Climate Change work of WWF-Malaysia involves engaging with many stakeholders, particularly those from the government, to enhance environmental governance in Malaysia. Using an integrative approach, natural capital is promoted to address socio-economic issues for human and economic well being. The work cuts across biodiversity management, climate change and sustainable development. The vision is to have the value of nature widely understood and appreciated, with decision makers mainstreaming environmental concerns into policies, plans, programmes, legislations and decisions, reflecting the fact that a functioning environment underpins a vibrant society and a thriving economy.

Success Stories

WWF Regional Internal Workshop on New Deal for Nature and People, 8-10 January, 2020

(Photo credit: © Rahana Husin / WWF-Malaysia)


Natural Capital

WWF-Malaysia completed a groundbreaking study on natural capital entitled Natural Capital Valuation in the Heart of Borneo. WWF-Malaysia’s presentations on the findings from the study at several international conferences were well received both for its methodology and uniqueness for this region, particularly as natural capital valuations for the region are limited. 

WWF-Malaysia is strongly involved in the global network advocacy for a New Deal for Nature and People (NDNP). A regional meeting of Asia Pacific offices was successfully organised and hosted by WWF-Malaysia to define a strategy together. 

In line with this, advocacy for a NDNP to redefine man’s relationship with nature through interlinked outcomes in several important international fora like the UN biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development platforms is ongoing. This includes a successful collaboration with PwC Malaysia in promoting the “Our Planet Our Business” message of the critical importance of nature’s contributions to business. 

The documentary follows the ten part series called “Our Planet” that has been airing on Netflix, with narration by Sir David Attenborough. Advocacy has also been undertaken through participation as speakers in many public forums including the “Inaugural National Forum on Sustainability, CSR and SDGs” in the Malaysian Parliament and the UN SDG Conference. At Government level, WWF-Malaysia has been invited to be involved in the 12th Malaysia Plan preparation process under various capacities. We are also part of the Academy of Sciences working group on preparing the Science Outlook 2020 report.


Climate Change

WWF-Malaysia has been invited to be part of the Government’s Task Force to Enhance Malaysia’s Nationally Determined Contributions. Through this platform, WWF-Malaysia continues to advocate for mainstreaming Nature Based Solutions to address societal challenges particularly to adapt to and mitigate climate change. WWF-Malaysia has also been collaborating closely with Climate Governance Malaysia (CGM) to support their efforts to build climate literacy in corporate boards. CGM is the Malaysian chapter of the World Economic Forum’s Climate Governance Initiative and the second to be formed in the world.

Sustainable Economy and Policy Analyst Ms Zara Phang presenting at the Oceania Ecosystem Services

Forum 2019 in New Zealand. (Photo credit: © WWF-Malaysia)

WWF Malaysia facilitated the collaboration for this event and moderated the event.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

WWF-Malaysia continues to be strongly engaged with the CSO-SDG Alliance Malaysia, a network of civil society organisations working on sustainable development from different aspects. 

This involvement has opened up numerous avenues to integrate nature more coherently with other developmental agendas like poverty reduction, human rights, gender equity and decent livelihoods to achieve the ultimate goal of the SDGs of “Leaving No One Behind”. 

Apart from presenting the environmental perspective in events organised by the Alliance, WWF- Malaysia is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia on SDGs (APPGM-SDGs). The APPGM-SDG is the first of its kind in the Malaysian Parliamentary and was announced by the Speaker of Parliament in July 2019 as part of Parliamentary reforms process. The group comprised Members of Parliament from various political parties and includes civil society members and think tanks in a non-voting capacity, with the Alliance acting as the secretariat headed by Datuk Denison Jayasooria. WWF-Malaysia supported the successful application of the APPGM-SDG for budget allocation in the National Budget 2020 to undertake efforts to localise SDGs at Parliamentary constituency level. Given the bipartisan nature of the APPGM, work continues regardless of the change in government in February 2020.